Second hand clothes wholesale in Moscow, wholesale Second Hand

We know EVERYTHING about Second Hand. And it is not occasional, as our company has been dealing with wholesale clothing, shoes and other second hand articles since the year 1995. We are still working successfully and looking confidently to the future.

We have learnt a lot in these 18 years. The acquired experience helped us to create good range of goods, gain confidence of our customers, select regular and reliable suppliers. The countries we mostly work with are England, Scotland.

We have two main principles to follow rigorously:

1 st principle – we have always sold and will sell only Second Hand of high quality,
2 nd principle – we only deal with wholesale Second Hand and do not have our own retail chain.
In order to follow the first principle, specialists of our company visit countries, producers of Second Hand in Western Europe several times a year and monitor markets, looking for even more attractive conditions for our customers.
Absence of a retail chain keeps us from temptation to leave our best articles for our own shops. This is the thing that distinguishes us from major suppliers of Second Hand in Russia and Belarus. We deal only with wholesale and small wholesale and help our customers to develop retail business.
These are our main principles of work. You can add here to:
- constant availability of goods in stock,
- flexible discount system,
- weekly renewal of assortment,
- individual attention to every customer – and you will get all the conditions, which are given to our customers.

Actually we have got more than 1500 standing customers from Belarus and Russia. These are huge retail chains of Second Hand, owners of small shops and individual entrepreneurs. Each of them finds his goods here and constantly comes back for more. Many of them have been working with us for 16 years. Most of them started with us quite lowly – with one package a month and now they have their own shops and even retail chains of Second Hand. And they still remain our customers.

If you are just starting you own business with Second Hand and some moments are still unclear to you – call us and our staff will consult you and help you to select the right range of goods and to choose the right strategy for successful trade.

Besides, we are glad to offer you high-quality STOCK products from well known European producers. We can contact our partners from Lithuania and cooperate directly with them. For more details concerning purchase of STOCK products you can receive here.

The main warehouse of our Company is situated in Moscow. It’s also possible to buy our products in Smolensk and Minsk.

People say that it’s easier to enter a Second Hand than to leave it. It’s about us. We like our job and we like the things we deal with. Visit us and we shall teach you to earn money with pleasure.

While working

MON-FRI from 10 to 17, without lunch;
SAT 9 to 12
(If you call in advance!)

Our Address

Russian Federation
125212, Moscow
Golovinskoe highway, 11, p. 6
metro station "Water stadium"

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tel.: +7 (926) 878 18 94
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